Donghui Zhang

Paradigm4, Inc
281 Winter St., #360
Waltham, MA 02451

Email: dzhang AT paradigm4 DOT com

Donghui Zhang received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of California - Riverside in 2002. His primary research area is databases. Before joining Paradigm4, Inc. in 2012, Donghui was a Senior Research SDE at Microsoft Jim Gray Systems Lab. And before joining Microsoft, Donghui had worked as an Assistant Professor in Northeastern University, where his main research focus was spatial and temporal indexing and query processing. In 2004 Donghui has received an NSF CAREER Award: Fast Query Support for Emerging Spatial Database Applications. Donghui has graduated two Ph.D. students, has published over 50 technical papers, has served on NSF Panels twice, has served as a co-PC Chair for SSTD'07, and has served on the program committee for database conferences over 30 times. At Microsoft Donghui has investigated how to best utilize Flash SSDs to improve database server performance, and has researched on indexing support for in-memory databases.
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